Ondrej Polacek

Software developer interesed in UI design and an amateur musician.

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I am a software developer with over 10 years of experience in design and development of desktop and mobile applications, mostly in C++ programming language. I am experienced with all stages of software development but particularly interested in interaction design, usability, and user experience. For more detailed description of my experience please download my CV or see my LinkedIn profile.



A progress dialog library which makes writing asynchronous, non-blocking code as easy as writing a blocking code. It offers number of progress widgets, which can be combined and customized to create a rich progress dialog. The library is written in C++ and uses Qt framework.

Observer pattern in C++

A C++ implementation of the observer pattern as you may know it from Java listeners. Thanks to C++ template magic, client implementation of an observer source class is very simple and requires almost no coding at all.

Humming-operated keyboard

Part of my dissertation thesis, in which I explored four different designs of a predictive keyboard operated by humming for motor-impaired people.


I studied human-computer interaction on CTU Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering under supervision of prof. Pavel Slavik. During my academic career I have authored and co-authored 6 journal articles and 23 conference papers. My doctoral thesis discuss special and predictive text entry methods when used in combination with non-standard interaction techniques.


I am an amateur bass guitar player. In the past I was member of in several bands playing rock, funk, jazz or pop. Currently, I play bass guitar in a band called Megaphone.


+420 606 823 334